Sunday, 6 June 2010

Can't a cat get any sleep?

It's all go in our house at the moment.

The Card Lady has been making cards for a stall at Wildlife Aid in Leatherhead on June 20. Wildlife Aid is a charity that cares for sick and injured wild animals, and the Card Lady helps out there. She's manning a stall at the open day and has been making cards to sell for the charity. She's been sent loads of donated cards as well, from the very generous members of the Joanna Sheen Craft Forum. They are all being safely stored in a huge plastic box, with a lid which is just the right size for a snoozing cat to stretch out on. 

Wildlife Aid needs all the funds it can get to help the patients in it's care. Click here for more information about the open day.

The Jewellery Lady has been driving me mad recently. I get comfy under the beading table then she comes in and starts making stuff. In the last week I've been hit with flying gemstones,  pearls, crystals and those little tiny glass beads, and the carpet under my table is covered with all the bits she's dropped. She says she has to make lots of new things for the Surrey Craft Fair in Ashead on 10 July, but that's no excuse as far as I'm concerned, not if it disturbs my sleep.

She has a new line of these gemstone cuff bracelets. They're very pretty and she says they are very easy to wear, but you wouldn't believe the language you get when she's making them. I think the wire is a bit difficult to handle. The little gemstones ping off all over the place too.

She's muttering about making things for weddings next week. Looks like there'll be pearls in my bed again then.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

These hoomins could drive a cat nuts!

My name is Kitty. I know, silly name for a cat, but it's not my hoomins' fault, I was six when I came to live with them and I was used to it by then. One of the hoomins makes jewellery and the other one makes cards. One of my favourite spots to sleep is under the beading table but it's not always a peaceful spot.

The Jewellery Maker has been tidying and doing something she calls 'destashing'. This seems to involve chucking bags of beads onto the floor - bit dangerous for a snoozing cat, the flippin things whizz past my ears and whiskers like cannonballs. And she sings - and not very well either. The Card Maker is a much more peaceful companion but she gets very cross when I try to lay on her papers. I try to tell her that her cards will be worth more if they've had a cat lying on them but she doesn't seem to believe me.